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Oh hey there!


Welcome to The Sewing Nerd!  A place where you can find FRIGGIN awesome pillows that you can't live without!  I wanted to drop you a line and introduce myself.  My name is Katie and I am addicted to fabric... Seriously... But lucky for you I have turned my addiction into a pillow shop that everyone can enjoy!

You may think that I have been sewing all my life... well my friends, you are wrong.. Very wrong!  In fact, I picked up this glorious art of sewing about 10 years ago, when I was pregnant with my second child.  I was having a girl and I wanted to make some things for her.  So I went to Target and purchased my first sewing machine, a Euro Shark. Sure its a brand that I had never heard of but I didn't care, it was cheap!  

When I got home I was soo excited to open my new purchase and get to sewing! But I soon realized that I could not, for the life of me, pull any sort of relocation of how to sew from my Home Ec I took back in Junior High.  Ya... total fail!  I actually had to ask my husband how to wind and load the bobbin before I could even start and to my surprise he was like a secret pro at it!

Fast forward to now and it amazes me how much I have grown in those 10 years!  I am no longer sewing baby nicnaks on the good old Euro Shark at my kitchen counter, in fact, I now have 3 industrial machines that are the bees knees and allow me to pump out slipcovers and pillows in no time... In my garage sweat shop... And I love it!

I never take myself to serious.. hence the name The Sewing Nerd!  I am a firm believer that a little sass and humor can get you far in life...or at least it can't hurt.. right? I am excited about my little pillow shop and what it holds in store, plus its a place for me to "unload" all my fabrics I have hoarded, I mean.. collected over the years and share them with you thru pillows!  So stay tuned and follow me on this journey of trying to figure how the crap to run an online shop...