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Work With Me


So if you are reading this, I am guessing you like what you see.. And boy does that make my heart happy! I am a big believer in “sharing the love...”, especially when I get to collaborate with amazing people from all over the world. Whether its working together on a project, hosting giveaways, because who doesn’t love those? Or whatever else us creatives minds dream up. I am game! Not to mention that seeing my friggin awesome pillows in your beautiful spaces make me want to drop it like its hot! So please, drop me a note so we can work together soon!


friggin awesome slipcovers

Not only does The Sewing Nerd create friggin awesome pillows, we also create friggin amazing slipcovers for our LOCAL to Utah clients!  Slipcovers have a very special place in my heart, that’s where my love for fabrics and textiles developed and I love transforming something old or fugly into to something rad and amazing.

In our Slipcovers Division we create fabulous custom fitted slipcovers that removable AND washable! I know.. right?!

***Prices are for TIGHT-BACK furniture – for loose back cushions add an additional $40 per cushion to the base price and 1.5-2 yards of fabric extra PER cushion. Fabric estimates are based on Home Décor and/or Upholstery fabric that is at least 54”wide***


My slipcovers are custom fitted, like that prom dress that makes your EVERYTHING look good! Because of my awesome skills, I physically need the furniture to make the slipcover. Remember how I said “Local to UTAH?”… I promise, I cant make slipcovers off of measurements and pictures. I know I have amazing skills, but that’s just damn ridiculous…

I don’t do pick ups and deliveries. If you are needing help getting your furniture to me, we can make special arrangements for a fee. Contact us to get on our schedule or if you have any questions!